Partners are busy recording their podcasts

Podcasting Unleashed: A Huge Adventure!

All over the different SustainCast countries, partners are engaged with creating the national podcast episodes. Background work is at its peak, organizational issues, discussions, contacting the podcast guests, recordings… are all on plate these days within SustainCast.
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Grey4Green: Senior Volunteers for Nature Conservation

The Erasmus+ project, “Grey4Green: Senior Volunteers for Nature Conservation”  encourages seniors to do some volunteer work on nature conservation projects. Aside from fighting isolation, the seniors get to interact with fellow seniors on a regular basis.
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Creating synergies!

Militos Consulting SA in Greece as partner of the SustainCast project has initiated discussions and exchange of ideas between our project and the Erasmus+ ongoing project in Higher Education GreenCool - Let me influence your green self! – Skill development in the encouragement of mindset towards environmental awareness and sustainable development in the alliance of ECoC
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SustainCast producer course in Aarhus, Denmark

The SustainCast workshop in Denmark was an instructive learning experience for the SustainCast Podcast Producers and Partners!

The podcast course unfolded in the brisk winds of Denmark's November, nestled in the intriguingly named "the bunker" in Aarhus. Despite its curious title, the venue proved to be a great choice!
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Sustainable Travel: Tips and Best Practices for Responsible Explorers

Travel has become an integral part of our lives, bringing personal fulfilment and economic growth. However, the surge in tourism and corporate travel has come at a cost to the environment. In this module, we will explore the efforts made by the travel industry to improve sustainability and provide practical tips and alternative solutions for travellers to reduce their environmental impact. 

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The Environmental Impact of Transportation and Sustainable Alternatives

Transportation plays a crucial role in our daily lives, enabling us to commute to work, visit loved ones, and explore new places. However, it also contributes significantly to pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This article aims to shed light on the environmental impact of transportation, particularly focusing on emissions from road transportation and the ongoing shift toward electric vehicles (EVs). It also explores alternative modes of transportation and the importance of public transit in reducing carbon footprints.
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Plastic Waste: A Global Crisis Demanding Urgent Action

The urgent issue of climate change is causing significant consequences on our planet, with human activity recognized as a key driver. Alongside climate change, the problem of plastic waste has emerged as a major concern, threatening ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. Plastic waste refers to the accumulation of plastic objects that adversely impact the environment, particularly when they are not recycled and end up in landfills or oceans. This article delves into the magnitude of the plastic waste problem and emphasises the need for reducing plastic consumption and promoting recycling to protect our planet.
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