How do you live a sustainable life?

How do you travel or transport yourself?
How do you eat sustainably, how, and where do you dispose of waste?
What about your clothes?
And what about your energy consumption?

Do you know...?

  • the extent of the footprint you are leaving behind when living your day-to-day life?

  • sustainable alternatives to your day-to-day actions and choices?

  • how to implement these alternatives into your lifestyle?

Find useful knowledge, practical guidelines and relatable podcasts on how to live in a more sustainable way in these 6 areas:

Be inspired by the SUSTAINCAST PODCAST SERIES where people from all over Europe take on sustainability challenges in their own life.
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ImageClothingPodcasts >>
ImageTransportationPodcasts >>
ImagePlastic WastePodcasts >>
ImageEnergy ConsumptionPodcasts >>
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What do we offer?

The SUSTAINCAST project partners are working hard to bring you a set of resources with new inspiration on how you can improve sustainability in your day-to-day life in the areas of Food, Clothing, Transportation, Travel, Plastic Waste and Energy Consumption. You can also listen to normal people just like yourself sharing their experiences in this process through their own podcasts:
The SUSTAINCAST GuideBook will teach you about the best practices and pitfalls in the art of living sustainably in the following aeras: Food, Clothing, Transportation, Travel, Plastic Waste and Energy Consumption.
The SUSTAINCAST Podcast series will follow the experiences of citizens from all over Europe along their way towards a more sustainable day-to-day.

How to be part of SUSTAINCAST?

Would you like to change to a more sustainable lifestyle too?
Follow us on the SustainCast Facebook page to learn about the latest developments and find inspiration.
Read the Guidebook for important knowledge on sustainable living in these areas: Food, Clothing, Transportation, Travel, Plastic Waste and Energy Consumption
Watch the Video guidelines to see how you can implement sustainable choices in your day-today life.
Listen to other people’s experience through their journey to become some sustainable in the SustainCast Podcast series.
Take a challenge for yourself. Try to set a challenge for yourself where you make more sustainable choices, get inspired by other people’s example, or come up with your own idea for a challenge.
Get in contact with our partners if you would like us to tell your story.
If you feel a deeper need to teach other people you can use the Podcast producer course to learn how to make your own podcast


SustainCast producer course in Aarhus, Denmark

The SustainCast workshop in Denmark was an instructive learning experience for the SustainCast Podcast Producers and Partners!

The podcast course unfolded in the brisk winds of Denmark's November, nestled in the intriguingly named "the bunker" in Aarhus. Despite its curious title, the venue proved to be a great choice!
Read it.

Sustainable Travel: Tips and Best Practices for Responsible Explorers

Travel has become an integral part of our lives, bringing personal fulfilment and economic growth. However, the surge in tourism and corporate travel has come at a cost to the environment. In this module, we will explore the efforts made by the travel industry to improve sustainability and provide practical tips and alternative solutions for travellers to reduce their environmental impact. 

Read it.
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